we are brightMESH

We are developers of adaptable interactive tiles. Infinitely configurable.
Build with our products or find them in products that suit.

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Build Quickly

Modular design

Our tiles are completely integrated. An interactive array of LEDs on the top, power and processing underneath.

  • No software to set up
  • No programming
  • Shallow learning curve

Build Simply

Modular design

Connect the tiles as you build, they self-network. As soon as you have connected the last tile and added power they’re good to go.

  • Only 2 parts- tiles and connectors
  • Each tile can go anywhere
  • No special tools or knowledge needed
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Build WITHOUT limitations

Scale Limitlessly

Each tile has it’s own processor, add more tiles as necessary and make your interactive surface the way it was imagined.

  • No host computers needed
  • No need for
  • Doesn’t even need a computer

Objective focussed

Adaptable to your designs

Build complex shapes, tile around corners, build into furniture or combine with other elements to create truly original projects built around specific goals.

  • Highly adaptable
  • Complimentary to other technology
  • Design for specific outcomes
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